As the good earth sinks: Loss of land and a way of life on a Louisiana bayou was produced as my Master’s Project at Ohio University School of Visual Communication. It examines a closely-knit tribal community on the Louisiana Gulf coast bayou of Pointe-aux-Chenes. Due to rising sea levels and impacts from oil drilling, the land is subsiding quickly and the tribe struggles to maintain their way of life and their identity. 

Though they experience rapid changes to their land, the community continues the traditions that provide them with a means of living and connect them to this place — shrimping, oystering, boiling crabs on the docks or building bonfires on the bayou’s edge. But extensive damage to coastal wetlands and loss of property leaves them worried. This is complicated by the fact that they, along with many tribes in Louisiana, aren't federally recognized, and are thus left without much power to save their land. Struggling to preserve their Native culture for future generations is becoming an ever-increasing struggle as they watch their homeland disappear

Role: Producer, cinematographer, editor