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I’m a documentary filmmaker, producer and photographer currently based between Portland, Oregon and Bangalore, India. Previously, I was a producer at Blue Chalk Media in Portland and before that, I worked on the photo desk at the Chicago Tribune.

I received my Master’s in photojournalism from Ohio University, where I also taught several courses. In undergrad, I studied photography and art history in my parents’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. My love for photojournalism began early – when I claimed my grandfather’s piles of National Geographic magazines that he hoarded in his trailer in Kentucky after he passed away.

As a perpetually curious person, I read endlessly and ask a lot of questions. Whether through films or photographs—my aim is to promote critical thinking, understanding and respect. I'm most drawn to making work that examines how environmental and economic changes affect marginalized or indigenous communities. I'm currently producing films for several NGOs that deal with issues related to women and children’s healthcare and education in India.

My partner and I recently launched our collaborative production company, Stray Dogs (aptly named after our favorite animals in India). Check it out at www.straydogsmedia.com.

I am available for assignments — and for chats (and chaats).